A Mayor for All of Us

It's time we elect a mayor who will make City Hall serve all our families and neighborhoods.

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LaRaviere is a values-oriented candidate and served as a Bernie Sanders convention delegate

Although other Chicago mayoral candidates try to present themselves as "progressive," LaRaviere's focus is on real issues. He challenges establishment politics that cater to corrupt interests in the current administration. Chicago needs him in the Mayor's office.

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Let's make Chicago a city that works for everyone.

Our current political system doesn’t work because our elected officials are willing to sacrifice the public good for private gain. Troy LaRaviere is the only candidate in the race for mayor with a record of sacrificing private gain for the public good.

Why Support Troy?

Troy LaRaviere is the President of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association, and an award-winning educator who risked his career to launch a one-man assault against corruption at City Hall. Troy knows it's hard for working Chicagoans to get ahead because our political leadership is corrupt, financially reckless with our tax dollars, incompetent, and out of touch with the needs of everyday people. We need a mayor who has sacrificed his own private gain for the public good, responsibly managed multi-million-dollar budgets, improved public institutions, and prioritized the needs of working families.  With these leadership needs in mind, there is no one more qualified to lead our city forward than Troy LaRaviere. With your help and involvement, there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

A People’s Government

Get corporate money and other forms of corruption out of politics; expand public services, and stop the privatization of public assets

Exceptional Schools for All

All Chicago’s families deserve to have their children experience an exceptional public school education within their neighborhood communities that strives to develop their full human potential and cultivate their unique gifts in all subjects including the fine arts, musicianship,  world language, social science, civic advocacy, S.T.E.M., trade skills, debate, athletics, composition, and leadership.

Income Fairness

Creating and protecting living-wage jobs, and safeguarding pensions and other earned benefits from corporate theft

Affordable Housing

Build affordable housing, protect existing units, subsidize costs for low-income families, and dismantle the segregation that undergirds our housing inequities.

Thriving Neighborhoods

Large investments in businesses, infrastructure, public health, and transportation to improve local economies and quality of life

Progressive Revenue

Replace regressive tickets and fees with tax policies that compel the wealthy to pay their fair share

Attacking Bias and Bigotry

Drastically reduce personal and institutional bias based on race, gender, religion, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, age, and disability status

Healthy Environment

Keep our air, water, and land clean by protecting them from industries that poison and pollute

Safe Communities and Policing

Our campaign platform is designed to create a safe city that doesn’t need a massive police force. Existing policing must be made fair and effective through robust community/police partnerships; comprehensive anti-bias training and mental health support for officers; training in de-escalation and other evidence-based patrol and investigation strategies; more rigorous screening and induction standards; and stronger oversight and sanctions for civil rights violations.

It's time to make City Hall a force for good

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and served in the U.S. Navy. I pursued a career in education to help people realize their full potential. That is also the driving force behind my run for Mayor of Chicago.

I've been a public servant for more than 30 years, and my experience has led me to one unavoidable conclusion: We can't make City Hall work for us all unless we rid our political system of corporate money and the politicians who accept that money. There is no shortcut around this enormous roadblock to good government. The influence of corporate money on our system undermines democracy because it weakens the power of everyday people to control their government. That is why I am the only candidate in the race for mayor who refuses to take money from corporate PACs, and the only candidate with a track record of exposing government corruption.

As a school principal, I consistently exposed corruption in our system. I was the first and only person inside CPS to expose the Barbara Byrd-Bennett bribery scandal; the first to expose Emanuel’s Aramark/Sodexo filthy schools scandal; the first person to expose the manipulation of charter school test scores; and the first to expose CPS as the most understaffed school district in Illinois. I was able to expose these scandals and more from my position as a public school principal and president of the principal’s association. Imagine the corruption we will expose—and eliminate—with me as mayor.

Together, we can make City Hall a force for good.