A Mayor for the Rest of Us

It's time we elect a mayor who will make City Hall serve all our families and neighborhoods.

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What kind of city will Chicago be? 

The choice is yours.

My name is Troy LaRaviere, and I ask for your support in my effort to put the Mayor's Office into the service of all Chicagoans. There are stark differences between how City Hall operates today, and how it will operate when I am mayor. 

Chicagoans have the following choices:

We can accomplish things that people believe are impossible. Nothing represents my belief in our potential better than this ad I filmed for Bernie Sanders in 2016.

A city for all, or for the few

Two of the simplest tasks of a mayor are to make smart investments in the safety and prosperity of every person in every neighborhood, and to safeguard Chicago’s wealth from special interests who seek to pillage it. What’s not so simple is finding a candidate fearless enough put special interests in their place and build a movement that puts City Hall into the service of all our families and neighborhoods. With your support, we will recapture City Hall and

  • Raise the standard of living for everyday people.
  • Expand public services and build a top-notch public education system.
  • Transform neglected and exploited neighborhoods into safe, vibrant, and well-organized communities.
  • Act to unite poor, working class, and affluent residents and end racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-immigrant, and anti-Muslim practices in public services such as policing, education, and housing.
  • Keep our air, water, and land clean by protecting them from industries that poison and pollute.
  • Ensure that we safeguard our elections and government from all forms of corruption, including the influence of wealthy special interests.

These improvements will be supported through a fair system of taxation in which those with the greatest means make the greatest investment, reaping rewards for everyone and creating a more livable city that we can all be proud to call home. 

Biting the Hand of Corruption
The message here is simple: You, the taxpayers, are the power behind government and I have the track-record of standing up to powerful interests to insist that government work for all of us.

Integrity or corruption

Maya Angelou wrote

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. 

I am not a part of the Chicago political machine, and my campaign will not depend on wealthy corporate donors. Our city needs a new birth of democracy and a mayor with the courage to see it through—one who will be loyal to Chicago residents and never sell us out. In short, the City of Big Shoulders needs a mayor with a backbone

I am committed to being that mayor for all of us. I stood up and repeatedly risked my career for Chicago's children and families because I didn't become an educator for a job; I became one for a purpose. I will lead our city with that same integrity and commitment.

The People: No one leader can solve our problems alone. The only force powerful enough to change how political decisions are made is "the people." 

Expertise or incompetence

The following are just a few of City Hall's failures:

  • Continued use of high-cost borrowing, which drives up taxes.
  • Repeatedly ignoring their duty to release public documents.
  • Reckless mismanagement of our school system.
  • Failure to create support—and accountability—for police officers

The actions of this administration demonstrate their incompetence. They don’t have credible plans for solving our city’s problems because they don’t have a sound process for governing. 

Such a process must include listening to residents, gathering ideas and solutions from community leaders, drawing on national and international expertise, and weeding out corruption and waste in every aspect of public decision-making.

The City We Deserve: In 2015, WGN television produced a short feature on my life, work, and my dreams for our city. This is excerpted from that feature.

Solving problems or controlled chaos

We need a mayor who is more concerned with solving public problems than with managing his public image. Such a mayor would understand that no single political candidate can cure what ails our city—that requires a movement. We need to take on the power of organized money with the power of organized people

Together we will put the Mayor’s Office in the service of all our communities and transform our city into a place where every neighborhood, family, and person can realize their God-given potential.

For years, many of you have pounded on the doors of City Hall with practical, powerful ideas to solve our city’s problems, only to be ignored. Instead, you are force-fed policies shaped by cronyism and corruption, or to provide photo opportunities for politicians. 

Our campaign will work with you to create and realize a compelling vision for Chicago. Please volunteer or donate today.